Gone But Not Forgotten...

In Memory…

In memory of our butterflies
Who`ve sadly flown away.

In memory of our papillons
Who brought us so much joy.

In memory of summer days
When we watched them run and play.

In memory of laughter
That they helped spread on their way.

In memory of those who were
But sadly had to go.

In memory of butterflies who
Stole our hearts and more.

Michael Dembiniok

Serenglade Soraya at Shamal
05/09/94 - 10/08/12
Bibi was Thes`s first papillon who she obtained from Diane Merchant-Giles (Shamal) and Bibi was her soul mate for nearly 17 and a half years. She always placed well in the shows that she did and won a third at Crufts when she was 12 years old. She sadly passed away a month before her 18th birthday. RIP little one.
Serenglade Sandpiper
15/12/95 - 2011

Ch Serenglade Sebastian at Temelora
01/09/97 - 31/03/08
7 CCs with 6 BOBs and 5 RCCs

After a short illness sadly passed over the rainbow bridge on 31/3/2008. Always the perfect gentleman, Sebbie will be remembered for his "limbering up" routine he always did when entering a ring to make sure he had everyone's attention before strutting his stuff! He was our first champion and the most wonderful dog to live with. We miss him terribly. Always in our hearts and thoughts.

Sue had always admired Lucky and was fortunate to be given her by Linda Greenslade when Lucky was just over 7yrs old. She became a love of Sue's life for 9yrs until her passing at the age of 16yrs.
Ch Serenglade Seraphim
25/12/91 - 21/01/08

Serenglade Sitara
28/01/96 - 13/08/06
Lucky's beautiful daughter, Kelly, Thesbina's companion who enjoyed the privilege of sleeping on her bed! Kelly died quite tragically at the age of 10yrs. The mould was broken when Kelly was born, so deeply missed by Thesbina and Bibi, she was a soul mate to both.
A lovely boy, and one of Sue's favourites to show as he never put a paw wrong. He sadly passed away through cancer at the age of 10 1/2yrs.
Serenglade Setanta for Temelora
22/09/97 - 19/01/08